My name is Hugo Garcia, I’m all about Burien and I'm running to be your Burien City Councilmember

Together, we can make Burien better for all of us.

¡Hola Burien!

Hugo was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and moved with his family to the Pacific Northwest in 1988. His father waited tables at a local Mexican restaurant and with that income alone, the family moved in and rented their first home in Burien in 1991 and his parents still live there today. Hugo attended Shorewood Elementary and is a proud graduate of the Highline School District. He and his brother and sister in law wanted to stay close to their parents and have made a duplex in North Burien their home for 15 years.

The fact that a family of five could be supported on his father’s income as a restaurant waiter and his mom’s part time income as a high school lunch lady; has shaped Hugo’s understanding of the importance of building community and family resilience. It also highlighted for him how difficult it is for working families to save money to buy a home or pass down to their children. Hugo believes in the value of giving back that his parents taught him when they arrived in Burien, so he committed to being an active part of the Burien community in as many ways as he could. Hugo currently serves on both Burien’s Planning Commission and Burien Economic Development Partnership (BEDP) and engages regularly with neighbors, Burien faith community and grassroots community groups.

“The vision of Burien that my parents had when they settled here in 1991, a community that is welcoming, diverse and inclusive is what I still see when I look around our town. It’s a community that opens its arms to all residents in so many different languages. It is a place that supports and loves its local businesses. It is a place that has shown you can have the values of a small town, without sacrificing on policies that protect the most vulnerable in our communities.”

Key Issues

  • Inclusive Pandemic Recovery
  • Housing for All
  • Supporting Small Businesses
  • Public Safety

Burien deserves a COVID-19 recovery plan that ensures safety, equity, and sustainable economic opportunity for all. The dual health and economic crisis has forced many of us to make difficult decisions and sacrifices. As your Burien councilmember I will continue to use my voice in advocating to ensure an inclusive and sustainable recovery that serves Burien’s working families, businesses, and diverse community members. As an immigrant myself who as a kid had to translate school notices, health announcements, and breaking news for my parents to stay informed I know how important it is to ensure critical city news and resources are made available to all equally.

We can’t begin to address our economy and small businesses if we don’t plan for, and address, the lack of housing opportunities. With sky high rents and property values at all-time highs it is essential for our community that all families have the opportunities they need to develop and grow in Burien. As your current Burien Planning commissioner, I’ve worked with fellow neighbors and community members to advise our city council on enacting policies and partnerships that support creating additional working family housing. As an immigrant raised by Mexican restaurant worker for 20+ years and a part time lunch lady for a few years. It is a priority for me that Burien remain a home for working families.

Burien’s workers and local small businesses have felt the brunt of the economic shutdown. As recent chair of your Burien business commission, I’m committed to helping both our business owners and workers recover from this economic recession. I spent the last 20 years helping small business owners one on one start and grow their businesses in accessing bank funding, resources, and business planning. During Covid I have helped businesses apply and obtain PPP and Small business grants as the King County Economic Development Manager. I wouldn’t be in America if it weren’t for a small business so it’s very personal to make sure we support all Small businesses in Burien from Olde Burien to Boulevard Park and every single one in between.As your Burien city councilmember, I will pursue policies that strengthen our local small businesses and their workers.

Everyone in Burien deserves to feel safe. As your City Councilmember I will prioritize hiring mental health and addiction specialists who can de-escalate situations and connect people with support services.  I will work towards creating additional street lighting, cross walks, and infrastructure projects to make sure everyone can safely get around Burien and doing the hard work of building trust between law enforcement and communities of color. I also intend to find long-term, sustainable funding for community-based solutions like diversion programs.

I’m all for Burien; and know you are too!
Our community rooted campaign needs your help today!

I’m all for Burien; and know you are too!
Our community rooted campaign needs your help today!

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